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Compost / Soil Conditioner - Bulk Bag (650l)


Short Description

Compost/Soil Conditioner is an organic matter that helps improve the soil's properties, adding slow releasing nutrients. It has been naturally composted to destroy weed seeds. This enhances and restores a range of natural properties within the soil.

Why choose compost/ soil conditioner:

  • Adds natural humus/humus makers back to soil.
  • Improves moisture retention.
  • Source of bulky matter.
  • Contains naturally slow releasing nitrogen.
  • Aids drainage by restoring structure of soil.
  • Opens up heavy clay soil.
  • Helps reduce compaction of dense soils.
  • Sustainable sourced materials with no added chemicals.


This bulk bag is equivalent to one ton which is 650 liters.

This will cover 20m2 at 1" Thick (Approx).

We would recommend creating a base no little than 2" deep.

Compost/Soil conditioner is also available in:

  • M3 (1000 liters) Loose or Bagged this would cover 40m2 and 1" deep (Approx)
  • Half Ton Bags this would cover 10m2 at 1"thick (Approx).

*Prices Exclude Delivery. For more information please call 0141 881 1371. Or why not click the chat box and chat to one of our colleagues today*


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